Organizing by department and location [Annual]


Users of Advanced Annual plans can benefit from segmenting their features by department and/or location in order to efficiently manage key aspects of the hiring process. Super Admins will find this useful not only during the setup of their account but at any time they wish to reorganize their content. 


You can arrange the following to work by department and/or location:

  • Interview kits 
    You can help your colleagues achieve a fair and seamless interview process by having them ask the same questions to the candidates during the screening process. Assign one or more departments to your templates and their location to make them available for posts in certain regions. 
  • Email templates 
    Make sure that the right communication style is used by all team members by making only certain templates available for them. Manage the email templates each member can use by setting the department and location fields based on your company's structure. 
  • Offer letter templates
    Reduce confusion and avoid miscommunication among members of your hiring teams when sending an offer by limiting what's available based on a job's department and/or location. Hiring Managers and Recruiting Admins assigned to certain departments and/or locations will be able to access the corresponding offer letter templates
  • Hiring team user assignment 
    Save time by having the right users added to the hiring team of your jobs without having to add them every time. You can adjust the user permissions for each member of your account based on one or more departments and/or locations that they are responsible for.  
  • Custom pipelines 
    Avoid mistakes and make choosing the right pipeline easy for your colleagues when creating a new job, especially if your account has multiple custom pipelines. Segmenting by department and/or location will allow your account members to only select custom pipelines that match the department and/or location of the job they are creating.
  • Requisition approval workflows 
    Although approval workflows are selected automatically when a requisition is created, users of the Hiring Plan can ensure that this is matched appropriately based on the department and/or location of the job. If no department and/or location is set, the default approval workflow will be selected. 

Note: Any departments you use for segmenting should match the departments used when creating jobs. You can use the department and/or location as a way to allow more or fewer users of the account to access certain sets of jobs. 

For example, use 'Engineer' to label all coding related jobs and have more users access templates and features related to any job within that field. Likewise, set the location of your templates as 'USA' to allow members of the account to use the designated templates in jobs within any city of the country.