Setting your careers page brand color


Your brand color is used to to emphasize actions and highlighted information (buttons and links) on candidate-facing pages, like your career page. 

Considerations when selecting a color

To ensure your page is easy to use for everyone, you should make sure the color meets accessibility guidelines for contrast - at least a 4.5 ratio with white. Check your color by entering the hex color code below (ask your marketing team if needed) or select your desired color from the color picker:

Click to test a brand color:
The Readability Score is

Changing the color in Workable 

  1. Navigate to the Careers Page section in your Company Profile (Super Admin access required).
  2. Click Brand Color to open the color picker. 
  3. Use the options to select a color that matches or complements your brand. If you want to use an exact hex color code (like from above), find the area to paste your code and click Enter.