Adding departments


Setting up departments can help you create the structure by which jobs will be organized within your Workable accounts. Your department setup also provides a granular view on your hiring metrics in  reports.

With a Workable Annual plan, you will also be able to assign team members and create templates for specific departments. With the Hiring Plan premium tool enabled, departments are one of the core details required for each requisition created. You will be able to set custom approval workflows based on the department of the requisition, along with having a clear picture of how each department performs in terms of implementing the hiring plan of your organisation.

Creating new departments

Departments can be created in two ways. During the job set up, while filling out your job's details in the job editor, start typing the department of the role you are hiring for. When the department doesn't exist in your account, it will be created as soon as you save the draft. If the department already exists, you will be able to select it from the drop-down:


Another way to add a department to your Workable account is to create it directly in the Account Members settings of the main menu. When assigning a user to a specific department, if it doesn't exist in the system, it will be created when you type it in and click Enter: