Integrating with Joonko


Joonko harnesses the power of technology to streamline the traditional talent cycle and advance organizations towards achieving their diversity and inclusion goals. Source qualified applicants from underrepresented groups – effortlessly and instantly. With Joonko, talent leaders can promote their US jobs to an ever-growing pool of diverse candidates who are already vetted by other leading companies and ready for the job.

When Joonko and Workable are connected, Joonko will scan through their database of candidates and, based on their profiles and set of skills, notify the candidates about the matching jobs you post in Workable.

When you disqualify a candidate in Workable, they can still be recommended again in the future for other jobs. Using a unique algorithm, Joonko will determine which of these candidates are considered “diverse” and extract their qualifications to make lists of the candidates that could be qualified for similar positions in the future. 

Setting up the integration

You must be a Super Admin in Workable to enable integrations.

In your Workable account:

  • Click your profile icon in the upper right and navigate to Integrations
  • Locate Joonko in the list of sourcing integrations and click on it
  • Click Generate Token
  • Copy the partner token (long string of numbers and letters) to your clipboardmoberries_api_key.png

In the Joonko registration page:

  • Select Workable as your ATS
  • Enter your Workable Partner Token in the registration form

That's it, the integration is complete! 

You won't need to log in to Joonko to retrieve the candidates, as Joonko doesn’t have a customer-facing UI. The whole process happens in the background. When you disqualify a candidate, they are asked to opt-in so that they can receive future emails from Joonko with job alerts. When they do find a matching job in one of Joonko's updates, they can apply to your Workable job directly.