How can I see how many requisitions I've used?


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Before purchasing your Workable plan, your Account Manager will be able to offer you the best option depending on how many hires you intend to make throughout the next year. This way, you will know that your hiring needs will be met and you’ll be able to fill in your planned number of requisitions each year. 

How are requisitions counted? 

The way Workable calculates the requisitions that you have used depends on whether your company is using the Hiring Plan, or not. 

Accounts with Hiring Plan enabled

With the Hiring plan enabled on your account, the requisition amount counts towards the number of opened requisitions. As soon as you open a requisition, it is detracted of the total number of the requisitions of your plan.

If a requisition has been canceled before it was filled, this is not included in the count.

Accounts without Hiring Plan 

Every time you activate a job (either publish a new one or unarchive an older one), Workable will consider this as one used requisition. If you hire multiple candidates for the same position, one more req will be added to your total number each time you move (or upload) a candidate to the Hired stage of your recruiting pipeline.

Where can I see how many requisitions are left?

Το see the total number of the requisitions of your plan and the count of the used ones, navigate to the Plan section of your account by clicking on your profile icon in the upper right:


If your hiring needs have increased during the year, you do not need to worry. You can always contact your Account Manager to adjust the number of available requisitions on your plan.

How can I see the jobs I've used the requisitions for?

You can view the Hiring Plan report to check the reqs that you've used so far. Reqs that have Open and Filled statuses are the ones that are considered used requisitions.