How to resolve LinkedIn premium post errors


LinkedIn is currently undergoing updates to their integration infrastructure. We are working closely with LinkedIn to resolve these temporary issues in the premium job post process as soon as possible.

If you've tried to publish a LinkedIn premium post and you receive an error, or if the post has a "pending" status for more than ten minutes, follow these steps to create the post directly in LinkedIn and still have candidates apply via Workable.

To begin, create a job post on LinkedIn directly. In the LinkedIn post settings locate the Applicant Routing section. Add the job shortlink from Workable to the "Direct candidates to your website or ATS to apply" field:


The job shortlink will link candidates to the specific published position on your Workable careers page. The shortlink can be found under the Find Candidates tab of the Workable job editor:shortlink.png

When the LinkedIn post is updated with the shortlink, candidates that want to apply to your job on LinkedIn will be redirected to your Workable careers page. As soon as they fill out the application form, their profiles will be created in the Applied stage of your pipeline as usual.

If you have any questions or need more assistance to set up your direct LinkedIn post, please contact us.