Hiring Plan setup & workflow


Hiring Plan is a Premium Tool offered on a Workable Annual Plan.

When using Hiring Plan, we recommend following this general workflow:

  • Enable your Hiring Plan settings.
  • View, create and take action with requisitions from the Hiring Plan dashboard.
  • Create a requisition for every hire you plan to make. One req per hire, even if multiple people will be hired for the same job.
  • Send reqs for approval. Assigned approvers can reject or accept the req details.
  • A Requisition Owner opens the req and publishes the job when recruiting begins.
  • The Requisition Owner and a Hiring Manager conduct the hiring process.
  • The Hiring Manager fills the req by moving the Candidate to the Hired step in Workable and inputting salary and start date details. (Alternatively, the Requisition Owner can do this.)

Throughout your hiring, reports and forecasting tools enable your organization to keep track of your hiring budget and new hire start dates.

Workable users must be set up with the right permissions to use Hiring Plan. Our PDF guide will walk you through setup options for your requisition users and workflows and take you through the process of filling a req. You can also view user permissions info for Hiring Plan.