Integrating your Humi account [Pro]


Humi is an all-in-one HR, payroll and benefits platform. When you connect Workable and Humi, candidates who are moved to the Hired section will be exported to Humi, appearing in the Hire section of the Recruiting module.

Setting up the integration

You must be a Super Admin in Workable to enable integrations.

  • In Humi's Recruiting module, navigate to the Connect page.
  • Click the Connect button next to Workable where you'll be prompted to enter an Access Token and subdomain
  • Sign in to Workable to collect your Access Token and subdomain
  • Click your user icon in the upper right and select Integrations
  • Navigate to the Access Token section and generate or copy the token (it will appear as a long string of letters and numbers)
  • Note your subdomain from your Workable URL. When signed in to Workable at, "companyname" is the subdomain
  • Add the Access Token and subdomain to Humi and click Save

That's it! Now, when a candidate is moved to the Hired stage in Workable their details will be exported to Humi.