How do I take a screenshot?


To troubleshoot some cases, the Workable Support team may request that you provide a screenshot. This will help to accelerate the investigation and resolution of the issue.

Taking a screenshot on a Mac

Press CommandShift ⇧4

Then click and drag with the mouse to highlight the area of the screen that you'd like to screenshot. Release the mouse and a screenshot will be taken and saved automatically. 

Usually, the screenshot will be saved to your desktop. It can also be located by searching for "Screenshot" in Finder. The file name will include the word "Screenshot" and the date and time it was taken.

Taking a screenshot on a Windows PC

Press Print Screen 

A screenshot of your entire screen will be copied to your clipboard. Open MS Paint and press ControlV to paste the screenshot into Paint, then save the file.

Sharing the screenshot

If you're in touch with us through email, simply attach the screenshot to your email thread with

If you're in touch via chat, click the paperclip icon to attach your screenshot.