Inviting External Recruiters to Workable [Annual]


As part of the Workable Annual plan, you can add external recruiters to your account.

To add a new External Recruiter, access the Account Members page by clicking your user icon at the top right of your screen. Select Account Members.


In the Account Members section, select the External Recruiters tab and click the link to 'add an external recruiter':


Enter the email address of the external recruiter you need to add and any comments for your reference. External recruiters will not see them. 

Note: At this point, external recruiters won't be notified that you have added them to your account. All they will be able to do is to use the submit multiple candidates to your jobs by using the job mailbox. If you want your external recruiter to sign into Workable and upload resumes in the platform, you should invite them to the hiring team of the job.