Send automated emails when candidates move to another stage via Zapier


When a candidate is progressing through the hiring process, you might want to automate some tasks rather than send emails manually.

By using Workable’s integration with Zapier you can automatically send emails - for example, a link to an assessment or interview schedule - to candidates when they’re moved to another stage in your pipeline.

Zapier has a free account for basic use. For heavy use, there are tiered pricing options.

To get started, sign in to Zapier and make a new Zap.

1. Set the trigger

You'll need to tell Zapier that when a candidate is moved to another stage in your pipeline in Workable (the trigger), then an email should be sent (the action).

On the left-hand side of Zapier choose Workable as the first app and then set ‘Updated Candidate Stage’ as the trigger.

Connect your Workable account.

Next, you’ll confirm your Workable account, the job, and the stage where the notification to candidates will occur. Leave the job field blank if you want candidates across all jobs to receive an email when they are moved to a particular stage.

2. Set the action

For the next step in Zapier, set the action by selecting your preferred email client and then ‘Send Email’.

Connect or select the email account you’d like to use. You need to be able to verify the account (Zapier will send you an email to do this) so it has to be an account you have access to. You might want to use a generic email address like

The email address you choose will be used when sending the email to the candidate. It will be shown to candidates and they will be able to reply directly to it. This is not a Workable email address and candidate replies will not be reflected on their profile in Workable.

Setup the email template you want to use and send out a test email.

Important: When you send out a test email, Zapier will actually send an email to a candidate. If you don't want to contact a candidate, select the option to preview the sample.

3. Activate the Zap

Review the trigger and action steps and turn your Zap on. Candidates who are moved to the stage you selected will now automatically get your customized email!