Filtering Hiring Plan reports [addon]


Hiring Plan reports contain budget and date planning details not found in other Workable reports. The details below outline how currency is calculated and which requisitions are reported on based on the date filter.

Currency calculations

The currency used for the totals at the top of the report is the most common currency used for the requisitions you are currently viewing. For other currencies, the salary is converted from that currency to your account's common currency using today's rates.

For example, if you are viewing requisitions that all have salary in USD$, the currency is USD$. If you apply a different filter and the requisitions are mostly in EUR€, but there are some in USD$, then the USD$ entries would be converted to EUR€ for the totals.

Jobs that do not have an annual salary will have their pay converted to annual. For example, if a candidate is offered $20/hour, that pay rate is converted to annual pay (pay rate X # hours per week X # weeks per year).

Date filter

Selecting a custom date range will adjust the data shown based on the requisitions' Plan Date. Plan dates encompass a whole month so you must include up to the very last day of the month when filtering.

For example, to forecast up through June then the date filter must include June 30th. If the filter was only set to June 15th then requisitions with a Plan Date in June will not appear.