Using the Hiring Performance report [addon]


To see your reports, sign in to Workable and access the Reports page via the pie chart icon in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Use the Hiring Performance report to see details about planned and filled requisitions, organized by department.

Learn more about which users can view data in this report and how to filter the data

Visual data

The Hiring Performance chart shows two columns for each department. The left column represents planned requisitions and the right represents filled.

The differently colored segments of a bar represent the number of new hires, replacements and backfills.



Tabular data

The table provides more detail about the budget and 'time to fill' for requisitions in each department.


Planned Budget: The sum of the planned salaries for the department's requisitions 

Filled Budget: The sum of the planned salaries for requisitions that have been filled (irrespective of the salary that was actually offered)

Actual Spent: The sum of the salaries you’ve actually offered to candidates when the requisition was filled

Usage: The "actual spent" divided by the "filled" budget; If this is over 100% then the team is over budget for the jobs filled so far, if it's under 100% then the team is still within the planned budget 

  • In the example above, our Finance requisitions have a filled budget of $110,000; if we were operating exactly on budget then by this point our actual spend should be $110,000. However, the salaries that we actually offered totaled $107,000. Our budget usage so far is 97.27%, indicating that we're under budget.

Average time to fill: Average time taken between the requisitions' open dates to the candidate(s) being moved to the Hired stage

Average time to start: Average time taken between the requisitions' open dates and the hired candidate’s start date at your company

Days early/days late: Average number of days between candidates' start dates and the requisition plan date (the "plan date" is always the last day of the selected month)