How do I filter People Search results?


When using People Search you'll be able to filter your search by location, company and/or university. These fields are optional, but we recommend that you include at least a location. You can search multiple locations, companies and universities at once.

People Search will find candidates in a general radius of the location you enter. For example, a search in Boston may return some candidates in the neighboring city of Cambridge.


Once you've run a search, profiles that you've clicked on in the past 30 days will be marked as 'Recently Viewed'. You have the option to turn off 'Recently Viewed' results by flipping the switch at the top of the results list. This can make it easier to avoid candidates that you've already reviewed and considered, but chose not to add to your account.


Similarly, if a candidate has been added to Workable already it will be noted on their profile preview and their full profile. On the full profile, hover over 'Already in Workable' to see where the candidate is in your account.