Using the Hiring Plan report [addon]


To see your reports, log in to Workable and access the Reports page via the pie chart icon in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Use the Hiring Plan report to see budget forecasts, budget compared with offered salaries, average time to fill a requisition and more.

Learn more about which users can view data in this report and how to filter the data

Tabular data

Customize the columns of the Hiring Plan report by clicking Customize data in the upper left.

Commonly used data includes:

Open Date: The date when the requisition status was set to Open

Filled Date: The date when the associated was moved to the Hired pipeline step

Time to fill: The number of days between the Open Date and Filled Date (Filled Date - Open Date)

Plan Date: The month when the candidate was planned to have started

Start Date: The start date set when making an offer or moving a candidate to the Hired step

Start Date Difference: The number of days difference between the Start Date and Plan Date (Start Date - Plan Date)