Requisition approval workflows [addon]


Each requisition created with Workable's Hiring Plan add-on must be approved before it can be opened. Selected users or group of users will review requisition details like title, start date and salary. They can approve the details or reject them with a note if an update is required.

Users are notified with an email and a Workable Inbox item when a requisition is pending their approval. If the requisition is rejected, the requisition creator, Requisition Owner and Hiring Manager are notified immediately via email and can adjust the details from the Hiring Plan dashboard.

After the approval process is complete the Hiring Manager for the requisition is notified and the Requisition Owner or a Super Admin can officially open the requisition.

Setting the default approval workflow

You must be a Super Admin to set up approval workflows.

Click your user icon in the upper right and select Hiring Plan

In the Default Approval Workflow section you’ll create a process through which your coworkers will review and approve a requisition's details. This workflow will be used by default for all requisitions, though you can also create custom workflows for different departments and locations.

Click Add Approvers to create one (or more) approval groups. One person from each group must approve the requisition before it can be opened. An approval notification will be sent to each group in succession, i.e. one person from Group 1 must approve before Group 2 is notified and so on. 

Any Workable user (excluding external recruiters) can be added to the workflow. These users will see all of the details that were entered when creating a requisition.  


In this example, when we're ready to create a requisition, Natalie is notified and asked to approve or reject the details, then Alexia and Eduardo are notified to approve or reject. If one user in each group approves the details then the requisition can be opened in Workable.

You can request requisition approval from a specific user type, for example, from the Super Admins of the account or the Hiring Managers of the job:

  • Super Administrator group: any Super Admin in Workable can approve the offer
  • Recruiting Administrator group: any Recruiting Admin assigned to the job can approve the offer
  • Hiring Managers group: any user who is assigned to the job as a 'Hiring Manager' can approve the offer


If the requisition gets rejected, the creator is notified immediately. They can update and resubmit the requisition which will begin the approval workflow again.

Custom approval workflows

Click your user icon in the upper right and select Hiring Plan. Locate the Custom Approval Workflows section. Select "Add a new custom approval workflow" or edit an existing workflow.


Provide a name for the workflow to make it easily identifiable. Then set the department(s) and/or location(s) for which this workflow will be used.

Approval workflows are selected automatically when a requisition is created. The custom approval workflow that best matches the requisitions department and location will be selected. If there is no match for the department and location then the default workflow will be selected.

If either the department or location field is blank then the workflow can apply to any department/location. E.g. a blank department with a “Boston, MA” location would mean that the workflow is selected for all departments, but the requisition must be in Boston.

Set a broad location to make the workflow available for requisitions in a big region. The location could be set to “Canada” and the workflow will be available to requisitions in Canada, even though the job itself is likely to be in a specific office (e.g. “Vancouver, Canada”).