Creating a requisition [addon]


To create a requisition, select the Hiring Plan tab on the main Workable dashboard, then click Create a new requisition in the upper right. You'll need individual requisitions for each individual candidate you plan to hire.


Only Super Admins, Recruiting Admins and Hiring Managers will be able to create requisitions. Learn more about what these users can see and do.


A requisition must always be associated with a job.

If you choose to create a new job you will be prompted to fill in some basic job details like job title and location. A Draft job will automatically be created, which you can edit and publish at your convenience.

If you choose to associate with an existing job, a dropdown menu will appear listing the jobs that you have access to:

  • For Super Admins, all jobs
  • For Recruiting Admins and Hiring Managers, jobs they are on the hiring team for or jobs in their department/location

After defining the job, add the details of the requisition. Along with the requisition code, job title and location, there are a few other mandatory fields.


Hiring Manager: the hiring decision-maker, the person that the new hire will report to

Requisition Owner: the person responsible for finding the right candidate

Plan Date: the month when the hired candidate is planned to start

Finally, add any extra details you've included from your requisition settings. Click the Review Requisition button when you're ready to proceed.

For the last step, review the details you just entered and initiate the approval workflow. Click Send Requisition for Approval.

The requisition details will be sent to each approval group in order. If the requisition is approved by all groups, the requisition creator, Requisition Owner and Hiring Manager are notified right away.

If the requisition is not approved, the requisition creator, Requisition Owner and Hiring Manager are notified and will be able to update the details of the requisition from the Hiring Plan tab. The requisition details can then be sent out again for approval.

Cloning a requisition

A unique requisition is required for each candidate that you hire. If you are hiring for 8 people for a Sales Representative role you'll need 8 requisitions.

To clone a requisition, navigate to the Requisitions tab from the main Workable dashboard. Locate the requisition in the dashboard and click the three dots to the right. Select Clone Requisition.


A form will appear where you can review and edit the requisition details. Proceed through the review and send the requisition for approval when ready.

Adding a draft requisition

From the Hiring Plan dashboard, click Add a Draft Requisition at the bottom of the requisitions list to store basic details about a requisition. This can include requisition code, title, department, location and plan date.

Return to the Hiring Plan dashboard at any time to complete the draft and officially create the requisition.