Alternate configuration for Office 365 Outlook


The following authentication method is an alternate configuration for the Workable Outlook integration. We recommend the standard configuration for most companies.

With either configuration the available features are identical. The alternate configuration only applies to the setup process. It enables you to decide exactly which users will have their email and calendar linked to Workable. Standard configuration will instantly activate the Outlook integration for all users.

Learn more about the standard configuration and features of the Outlook email and calendar integration. 

Contact us to initiate the setup process for advanced Office 365 configuration on your Workable account.

You must contact your account manager to enable this authentication method. We do not recommend performing the following steps until your account manager confirms that the feature is available on your account.

The administrator of your company's Outlook account should follow the instructions below to create a Service Account that has Impersonation access for users on a Distribution Group in Outlook.

Setting up the configuration

Create a Service Account

A Service Account will be used to link Outlook and Workable. Navigate to and create a user that will act as the Service Account.


We recommend that you set the username to ''. In this case, the username "workable_service" will be used later to run code that completes the setup.

Uncheck the box to "Make this user change their password with Outlook on the web on next login" and click Create.

Create a Distribution Group

A Distribution Group must be attached to the Service Account. The users in this group will be able to use the email and calendar features in Workable. Workable will reference their calendars and inboxes.

Navigate to

Create a Distribution Group called "WorkableUsers". The name of this group will be used later to run code that completes the setup.

Add the coworkers who will use their email and calendar in Workable as members of this group. If users will need to book rooms for their meetings directly in Workable you'll need to add the rooms to this list as well.


Configure 'ApplicationImpersonation' for the Service Account 

Next, enable impersonation permission for the Service Account. 

Install and run Microsoft PowerShell. If you use Windows, PowerShell is already by installed on your computer. (View Linux and MacOS instructions for installing PowerShell

Sign in to PowerShell using your Outlook credentials.

Use the following code to import the session where you created the Service Account and Distribution Group:

$UserCredential = Get-Credential
$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $UserCredential -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection
Import-PSSession $Session

Next, run the following code to grant impersonation access. If you used names other than "workable_service" for the Service Account or "WorkableUsers" for the Distribution Group, replace those terms as needed.

$groupidentity = $(Get-DistributionGroup WorkableUsers).DistinguishedName
New-ManagementScope -Name "WorkableUsersScope" -RecipientRestrictionFilter "MemberOfGroup -eq '$groupidentity'"
New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Name "WorkableImpersonation" -Role:ApplicationImpersonation -User:workable_service -CustomRecipientWriteScope:"WorkableUsersScope" 

Connect the Service Account in Workable

As a final step a Workable Super Admin should sign in to Workable.

Click the user icon in the upper right of Workable and select Recruiting Preferences.

Locate the Email and Calendar Integration section.


Select Office365. In the email/password fields that appear, enter the Service Account username and password and click Save Changes. Use the primary email address of the Service Account, an alias will not work. Do not choose the link to "authenticate your organization's account".

That's it! Now Workable users who are in the Distribution Group will be able to take advantage of all the integration features.

Adding new users

As new coworkers are added to the Workable account they will need to be added to the Distribution Group in order to use email and calendar features.

Navigate to and locate the WorkableUsers group and edit the members to add more coworkers or rooms. Once added, the users will be able to use email and calendar features in Workable after about 30 minutes.