Integrating with Rippling


Rippling offers all-in-one HR services including app provisioning and hardware/software setup for new employees. Connect Workable and Rippling to export candidates that you're hiring from Workable to Rippling. The candidate's name and email will be sent from Workable to Rippling.

Setting up the integration

You must be a Super Admin in Workable to set up this integration.

To start, sign in to Rippling:

  • In Rippling, navigate to the main dashboard
  • Locate the App Directory section and search for Workable
  • Workable will appear in the search results, click on it
  • Choose the option to connect an existing account (choose "new account" if you don't have a Workable account yet)

Next, navigate to Workable to verify your subdomain:

  • Click your profile icon in the upper right and select Company Profile
  • On this page, you’ll see a field that contains your subdomain


  • Copy the subdomain and enter it in the relevant field that in Rippling
  • A pop-up will appear where you should confirm the connection with Rippling

That's it! Workable and Rippling are now connected.

Adding a Workable candidate to Rippling

Rippling admins can manage which Rippling users are able to import candidates in user settings.

To import a Workable candidate click on "Hire a new employee" option on the Rippling dashboard, then select "Pick someone from my ATS".


A search box will appear where you can look up the candidate. Search for the candidate and select the result to add them to Rippling. Candidates can be added to Rippling regardless of which step of your Workable hiring process they are in.