Tracking your referrals [addon]


After submitting a referral, click Referrals in the toolbar at the top of your Workable Referrals account. In this section you will see the status of referrals you've submitted and your eligibility for rewards.

Active referrals

Active referrals are candidates who you've referred or who have applied through a link you shared on social media. They are "active" because the job(s) that these candidates are considered for are still open.

Active referrals can have one of two statuses:

  • Under review: The candidate is in consideration for the job and has not been disqualified or hired
  • Hired: The candidate has been successfully hired for the job 

Archived referrals

Archived referrals are candidates who you've referred but were not hired, or candidates who you've referred for jobs that are now closed; the recruiting process is complete. These candidates can have the same "Under review" or "Hired" statuses as active referrals, or they may have an additional status:

  • Not hired: The hiring team decided that the candidate was not a good fit

Your stats

View statistics for all of your referrals on the right side of the Referrals section.

Potential rewards (for candidates who are still under review and haven't been hired yet) are also noted here with a dotted line outline. When a referred candidate is hired, the rewards will be tallied below with a filled-in background.

Important: Rewards will be granted based on your company's referral policy. Workable's Referral platform may not account for your company's policy. Rewards that you are eligible for will update when a candidate is hired, but may not be paid out until other criteria in your company's policy are met.