Integrating with

Follow is a candidate sourcing platform for developers, product managers, designers and more.

After integrating your accounts you'll be able to publish Workable jobs on and export candidates from to Workable. 

Setting up the integration

You must be a Super Admin in Workable to set up integrations.

In your account:

  • Navigate to the Integrations page
  • Locate Workable in the ATS section and click Connect

A pop up may appear prompting you to sign in to your Workable account. After signing in, the accounts will connect automatically. You'll now be able to publish Workable jobs on and export candidates to Workable. 

Using the integration

Publishing jobs

When and Workable are integrated you can manage the jobs that are published on through your profile settings. When editing your profile, locate the Jobs section to publish jobs on

A job must have the Published status in Workable to be published on If you unpublish a Workable job it will automatically be unpublished from

Exporting candidates

To export candidates, initiate contact requests as usual through When candidates accept the contact request for a job they are automatically exported to the job in Workable. You can select which job they'll be exported to via a dropdown menu in the contact request form.

Candidates will appear in the Sourced stage in Workable and their source on the candidate profile and in Workable reports will be listed as "". A link to the candidate's profile in will be added in the Summary section in Workable, along with their phone number and email address in the Contact Details section.