Campaigns overview


Promote your job with targeted social media ads using Campaigns in Workable.

Workable will build a targeted ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram to directly reach relevant candidates for your specific job. Your job's title, description, industry/field, experience level and keywords are parsed to find the audience for the Campaign.


The ad will appear in candidates' Facebook/Instagram feeds using the branding/logo from your Workable account and including a custom image for your job.

Candidates apply by entering their name and email address after clicking on the ad campaign. The candidate will appear in the Applied stage in Workable. Workable will automatically use People Search to generate a robust profile with resume details.

The candidate will receive a follow up email confirming their application and providing a link where they can complete your standard application form.

Purchasing a Workable Campaign

Campaigns are available in the Advertise step of the job editor.

The Campaigns section will only appear if there is a privacy policy/notice associated with your account.

If you do not see an option for Campaigns, we recommend enabling Facebook Free Listings. By adding a link to your company's privacy policy as part of the Facebook Jobs integration, Campaigns will become available.

Alternatively, if you have a Workable Pro account and have enabled the Privacy Notice in your account's GDPR settings, Campaigns will become available.

When creating or editing a job, click Advertise, then select the Campaigns tab.

Click the option to purchase a Campaign and proceed through the checkout process.

Workable will generate an ad campaign for your job. This usually takes about 2 business days. If the job status is changed to Used Internally or Archived then the Campaign will end automatically.

Campaigns will typically be live for about 7 - 10 days.

The source for candidates who apply will be listed as "Campaign". This will be noted on the candidate's profile, in the Candidate Sources report and in the Campaigns report.