Integrating with co-hire


co-hire is a platform where startups can talk with and recruit developers, designers, data scientists, infrastructure engineers and quality analysts. Reach out to prospective candidates through co-hire's network to build relationships and find the right candidate.

Candidates that you match within co-hire can be exported directly to the Sourced step in Workable for a relevant job.

Setting up the integration

You must be a Super Admin in Workable to set up this integration.

In your co-hire account:

  • Click on your account name in the upper left to navigate to Settings
  • Scroll down to the Integrations section
  • Locate Workable and click on Connect
  • On the screen that appears, you'll be asked to sign in your Workable account
  • Confirm the connection between co-hire and Workable by clicking the Allow access button

That's it! The integration will now be ready to use. You will be able to export co-hire candidates that you engage with to Workable jobs.

Using the integration

Candidates who you match within co-hire are able to be exported to Workable jobs.

If you start a conversation with a co-hire candidate and they reply, or if a candidate expresses interest and you message them, they'll appear in co-hire's 'Matches you've messaged' section.

Click the Workable icon next to a candidate's name and a list of Published or Internal jobs in Workable will appear. Select the relevant job and the candidate's details will be exported to Workable. The candidate will appear in the Sourced step of the Workable job with their experience, education, skills, email address and resume file.