Custom offer letter variables [Annual]


You must be a Super Admin to set up offer letter variables.

As part of Workable's built-in offer letter feature we’ve created a list of common variables that you can use when writing your offer document, e.g.: [salary]. Each common variable has a data type associated with it. If you use the [salary] variable you must enter salary in that field (a number, currency, pay period). Or for [start_date] you must enter a date.

You can include your own variables by adding a term in square brackets to your offer document, e.g. [shift_hours], but these variables will always be added as a "short text" data type and cannot be used to record information internally. This means that anything could be entered in the text field when preparing the offer and it will be sent to the candidate.

With the Workable Annual plan, you can have custom offer letter variables permanently added to your account.

Contact your Account Manager to get this set up.

These custom variables will have a data type assigned to them and do not need to be included in the document sent to the candidate: they can be added for internal use only. This will help to ensure that the correct information is entered each time with the correct formatting.

Examples of custom offer letter variables:

  • Gross salary (salary plus bonus)
  • Work/Office Location
  • Working hours / shift schedule
  • Percentage of time spent traveling
  • Review date for temporary-to-permanent employee 

Your custom variables can be included in offer letters as needed or simply be used to track extra details internally.