Integrating with Interview Mocha


With a library of over 1000 aptitude tests, skill assessments and more, Interview Mocha enables you to better understand candidates' knowledge and ability.

When Interview Mocha and Workable are integrated you can quickly send out assessments from Workable and see the results right in the candidate's Workable timeline. 


Setting up the integration

You must be a Super Admin in Workable to set up integrations.

To integrate, you'll need to drop an email at to request an API key. Interview Mocha's support team will generate a key for you. It will be used to connect Interview Mocha and Workable.

Once your API has been generated, in your Interview Mocha account:

  • Select Settings and then Integration
  • Locate Workable and click the 1-Click Integration button
  • Click the Configure button
  • Click Activate Integration

Your Interview Mocha API key will appear after you click "Activate" and it will be a long string of letters and numbers. Copy or note the API key.

In your Workable account:

  • Click your profile icon in the upper right and navigate to Integrations
  • Locate Interview Mocha in the list of assessment providers integrations and click on it
  • Add your API key to the field that appears
  • Click Update settings 

That's it! The accounts will now be connected. You can assign Interview Mocha assessments to specific stages in your hiring pipeline.

Send assessments to candidates when they reach a relevant stage and get the results in the candidate's Workable Timeline.