Generating suggested candidates [Pro]


The Auto-Suggest option in People Search uses AI and machine learning to compile the key criteria and skills that you’ve outlined in a job description. Using data about the job, combined with People Search, Workable will automatically generate a list of up to 200 candidates who might be a good fit for a specific job you’re hiring for.

Generating this list will use up to 200 of the available People Search profiles included in your subscription. One profile is consumed for each result. If only 150 candidates are generated then only 150 profiles are used.

Using Auto-Suggest


From the job dashboard, find a job for which you’d like to receive suggested candidates. Click the Find People button for that job. You will be taken to the Auto-Suggest tab. Click the Suggest Candidates button to begin generating a long list of candidates (up to 200).

The process may take a few minutes. You can navigate away from the page and continue using Workable. You'll receive a Workable inbox notification and an email when the list has been generated.

Navigate back to the Auto-Suggest tab via the Find People button at any time to view the candidates.

Click on a candidate to open their full People Search profile. You can then add the candidate to the Sourced step of the job by clicking the + button in the bottom right of their profile.

Note: If you have GDPR features enabled on your account, lists of candidates that are generated for jobs in the EU will be deleted after 30 days. Suggested candidates from the list who are added to the job (and have been contacted) will remain accessible in your account.

Refreshing the list of suggested candidates

If your job description is updated, or if 30 days pass since you first generated a list, you will have the option to generate a new list of suggested candidates for that job. Access Auto-Suggest through the Find People button. Click the Search Again button to the right of the list of candidates.