How do I setup SSO with G Suite? [Annual]


Important: Before attempting any of the steps below, please contact your Account Manager and check out our SSO Overview article.

1. Log in to


2. Search for “SAML Apps” and click on the first option in the list.


3. Click on the SAML Apps button and then click on the yellow + button on the bottom right corner.

4. Click on Setup My Own Custom App at the bottom of the panel.


5. Copy all the information in Option 1 and download the Certificate. You will need to provide this information to your Workable implementation specialist:

  • Entity ID
  • Certificate

Click Next once you’re collected all the details.


6. Enter the application name: “Workable” and click Next.


7. Fill out the form that appears with the following information and replace [subdomain] with your Workable subdomain. Your implementation specialist will have provided you with your subdomain via email.

  • ACS URL:[subdomain]/callback
  • Entity ID:
  • Name ID: Basic Information > Primary Email
  • Name ID Format: EMAIL


8. Click on the Next button and then Add new mapping.

Add the following Mappings:

  • email > Basic Information > Primary Email
  • first_name > Basic Information > First Name
  • last_name > Basic Information > Last Name

Click on Finish.


You should be able to see this message. Click on the OK button.

9. Send the following details from step 5 of this article to your Workable implementation specialist:

  • Entity ID
  • Certificate file

We’ll finalize the setup process on our end and notify you when everything is live.

10. In your G Suite account you’ll need to add the Workable app to users in order to give them access to Workable.