How do I setup SSO with OneLogin? [Annual]


Important: Before attempting any of the steps below, please contact your Account Manager and check out our SSO Overview article.

1. Sign in to your OneLogin Admin Console.


2. Click on Apps and then Add Apps.


3. Search for “Workable” and click on the result.


4. Under the Connector section, make sure that the Connector Version is SAML2.0. Click Save in the top right corner.


5. Click on the Configuration tab and enter your Workable subdomain, then click Save. The subdomain will be provided to you by your Workable implementation specialist.


6. Click on the SSO tab and copy the SAML 2.0 Endpoint and SLO Endpoint links that appear. You’ll need to send these links to your implementation specialist at Workable (along with the certificate details outlined in the next steps).

7. Under X.509 Certificate, click on View Details.


8. Download the X.509 Certificate as a .pem file or copy the entire X.509 Certificate using the clipboard icon in the upper right. You’ll need to send the entire certificate to your implementation specialist at Workable.

9. Send the following to your Workable implementation specialist:

  • SAML 2.0 Endpoint
  • SLO Endpoint
  • X.509 Certificate

We’ll finalize the setup process on our end and notify you when everything is live.

10. In your OneLogin account you’ll need to add the Workable app to users in order to give them access to Workable.