Send notifications to hiring team members via Zapier


As candidates move through your hiring process you may want to alert hiring team members that there are new candidates for them to review.

Using Workable’s integration with Zapier you can automatically send notifications to coworkers when candidates are moved to a specific stage. These notifications can be sent via email or through messaging programs like Slack.

Zapier has a free account for basic use. For heavy use, there are tiered pricing options.

To get started, sign in to Zapier and make a new Zap.

1. Set the trigger

We need to tell Zapier that when a candidate is moved to a specific stage in Workable (the trigger), then a message should be sent (the action).

On the left-hand side of Zapier choose Workable as the first app, and then ‘Updated Candidate Stage’ as the trigger.

Connect your Workable account.

Next, you’ll confirm your Workable account, the job, and the stage where the notification to hiring team members will occur.

If you leave the Job field blank, coworkers will receive notifications for all jobs, even if they are not assigned to the job in Workable. You may not want to leave this option blank if you have Confidential jobs.

To complete the trigger setup you can retrieve a sample candidate. You must have a candidate in the relevant stage (and job) on your Workable account to complete the test.

2. Set the action

Choose an app (e.g. email, Gmail, Slack) that will be used to communicate to coworkers about candidates who have been moved. 

Follow the steps in Zapier and enter the required information. For example, with an email notification, you'll set the "To:" field to your coworker's email address, the subject line and body.

You can add placeholder information to the text of the message that will automatically add information like the candidate's name and a link to open their profile in Workable.

Test the action to complete the setup process.

Important: When you test the action, a notification will be sent through the method you selected. For example, an email would be sent to certain coworkers. You may want to notify recipients that this is a test.

3. Activate the Zap

Review the trigger and action steps and turn your Zap on. When a candidate is moved to the stage you specified, a notification will be sent to the people or Slack group you selected.

To set up this type of Zap for multiple jobs with different coworkers, navigate to your dashboard in Zapier and copy the Zap. Then edit the copy and update the job in the trigger section and the "To:" field in the action section.