Integrating your ThriveMap account [Pro]


ThriveMap assessments enable you to measure and compare a candidate’s fitness for your team.

Add a cultural fit assessment to a specific step your in hiring process to easily send the ThriveMap assessment to a candidate via Workable.

You’ll be notified as soon as the results come in and a link to view the results will be added to the candidate’s Timeline in Workable.

Setting up the integration

You must be an admin in Workable to set up this integration.

To start, you'll need to sign in to ThriveMap and copy your API key:

  • Sign in to ThriveMap, click your username in the upper right and select Integrations
  • Locate Workable and choose the option to connect
  • An API key will appear - click on this key to copy it
  • Sign in to Workable
  • Click your user icon in the upper right and choose Integrations
  • Locate ThriveMap in the list of integrations and click on it
  • Enter the API key and click Save Changes

That’s it! The accounts will now be connected and you can send a ThriveMap cultural fit assessment to candidates.

Check out more details on how to add a test to a pipeline stage and how to send a test to a candidate.