Integrating with Jobbatical


Jobbatical is an international job board where you can create job posts to attract international applicants who want to relocate and come work for you.

When you integrate Jobbatical and Workable, candidates who apply through Jobbatical will be added to Workable automatically with all of their resume details.

Setting up the integration

You must be a Super Admin in Workable to setup this integration.

To set up the integration, start by logging in to your Jobbatical account:

  • Navigate to the Integrations section of Jobbatical
  • Click on Integrate Workable


  • You'll be prompted to confirm the connection, so click Allow access


If you have access to multiple Workable accounts you’ll be asked to choose a specific account to connect.

That’s it! Workable and Jobbatical will be integrated. Next you’ll want to link your Jobbatical jobs with your Workable jobs.

Using the integration

To use the integration you’ll choose to link jobs in Jobbatical to jobs in Workable. This will ensure that new Jobbatical candidates are automatically added to jobs in Workable. Prior to connecting the jobs you'll need to create a post for the job on Jobbatical and create a Published job in Workable.

  • Sign in to Jobbatical
  • Navigate to the Integrations section of Jobbatical
  • You’ll see the Workable integration as well as the number of unconnected jobs, click on the “not connected” jobs


  • From the list of Jobbatical jobs that will appear, select a job from the dropdown menu to the right to choose a published job in Workable to connect


In the example above, we’ve connected a Product Manager opening in Jobbatical with our Product Manager job that we set up in Workable.

Now that these jobs are connected, candidates who apply through Jobbatical will be automatically added to the Sourced stage for the Product Manager job in Workable.

When a candidate comes into your Workable account, the following information will be transferred:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Work Experience
  • Resume


Their profile will be tagged with “#jobbatical” and their source will be listed as "".

You can proceed through your hiring process in Workable as normal when these candidates come in.