Offer letters overview


As part of your Workable plan, you can seamlessly send job offers to candidates by adding Offer Templates to your account.

Customize templates to be on-brand with the exact language you want to use when extending an offer. You'll create offer documents with ‘fill in the blank’ variables for the finer details of the offer.

Dear [candidate],

We're delighted to extend this offer of employment for the position of [job] with [company]. If you accept this offer, your start date will be [start_date] or another mutually agreed upon date and you would report to [direct_manager].

Cash Compensation. The company will pay ou a starting salary at the rate of [salary], ...


When you want to send an offer to a candidate you’ll simply input details like salary and start date (all the details in [brackets] in the example above). The candidate will receive a link via email where they can review the details and provide their e-signature (powered by HelloSign).

You’ll be notified as soon as the candidate accepts your offer.

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Setting up offer templates

Setting up offer templates

You must be a Super Admin to add or update Offer Templates.

To add or edit offer templates on your account, click your user icon in the upper right of Workable and navigate to Templates. Scroll down to the Offer Templates section.

Your account comes with a default template which you can view, edit, clone or delete.

Click Add a new template to set up your own customized template(s).


An offer template is made up of:

  • Offer document: The file that is sent to the candidate and signed by them to accept the offer. May contain info like start date, salary, paid time off, etc.
  • Offer language: The language for your offer document. This will impact certain formatting options like numeric values.
  • Offer email: The text of the email that you’ll use when making an offer. This will usually include basic details about the position like job title and offer expiration date. It also contains a unique link where the candidate can view and sign the offer document (via HelloSign).
  • Approval workflow: On the Workable Annual plan, the process through which internal stakeholders will review and confirm the offer details. Learn more here.

Offer document

The offer document is a .docx file that you’ll upload to Workable. This file should be written by the recruitment/HR team or key stakeholders for jobs.

Your offer document can contain ‘variables’: These are ‘fill in the blank’ spots where you’ll add information for each specific offer you send out. We’ve created a list of common variables that you can use. When writing your offer document in a word processor, include variables in square brackets, e.g.: [salary].




[today_date] Date Today's Date


Short text Candidate
[job] Short text Job
[company] Short text Company
[start_date] Date Start Date
[direct_manager] Short text Direct Manager
[salary] Salary Salary
[bonus] Numeric Bonus
[paid_time_off] Numeric Paid Time Off 
[sick_days] Numeric  Sick Days 
[offered_equity] Numeric Offered Equity
[offer_expiration_date] Date  Offer Expiration Date 
[sender_name] Short text  Sender Name 
[candidate_signature] Signature  Candidate Signature 

A [company_signature] variable is also available by default for accounts on the Annual plan.

If you want to add your own variables to a document, include text in brackets with your own variable name, e.g. [hours_in_office], [department]. You must use the Latin alphabet and the variable cannot include any spaces.

With the Workable Annual plan, accounts can have custom variables added which will appear in the list of common variables for external or internal use.

Here’s an example of how you might write a line in your offer document:

  • “Your salary will be [salary]. You will be expected to be in the office between the hours of [hours_in_office].”

Download: Check out this template for ideas on where to start and how to format your document.

Each time you send this template to a candidate you will be prompted to fill in the variables with the offer details.

If one or more of the common variables are not included in your file, you still have the option to fill them out when creating an offer, but the candidate will not see the details. That information is only logged for your internal reference on the candidate’s profile.

Important: Your offer document MUST contain the [candidate_signature] variable. If this variable is not included, you will not be able to upload the document to Workable.

Save your document as a .docx file. Navigate to the Offer Templates section in Workable. Edit the template and you’ll have the option to drag and drop the file into the template.

It is not possible to edit the text of the document after it has been uploaded. You will only be able to input details to fill in the variables, you cannot directly edit the text itself.

To make changes to the text of an offer document after uploading it, create a new .docx file or edit the original file. When your changes are ready, edit the offer template in Workable. Click the trash can icon to the right of the current .docx file to remove it. You will then be able to upload your replacement file.


Offer language 

The language of your offer document will be auto-detected when it is uploaded. If you need to change the language, select the dropdown menu and choose a different language option.


The chosen language dictates formatting for certain numeric values, as well as translations for certain text options.

For example, when entering a salary, you’ll the frequency of payment. Our offer document is in English so we can select ‘per year / month / etc.’ The frequency options are translated based on the offer language.


Offer email

This is the email template that will be sent to the candidate. You can customize it as needed, but it must contain the ‘document link’ placeholder. Placeholders are automatically filled in with the relevant details when you send an email.



The candidate will need to click the document link to view and sign the completed offer document via HelloSign.

Add the document link placeholder (or other placeholders) by clicking the [*] icon in the formatting toolbar.

Approval workflow annual_label.png

The option to set up approval workflows is available with the Workable Annual plan. Approvers will be able to review and approve the offer details before the official offer is sent to a candidate.

Learn more here.

Accessing offer templates

Only Workable Super Admins can set up offer templates through the process above. However, on most Workable plans, both hiring managers and admins will be able to choose from any of the templates on the account when they want to send an offer. 

On the Workable Annual plan you can create restrictions to determine which offer templates will be available for which jobs. This can help to reduce confusion or miscommunication when sending an offer. 

Learn more here.

Sending an offer

Only admins and hiring managers can send and see offer letters.

On the Annual plan, you can set up approval workflows, learn more here.

When a candidate is in the Offer stage, you’ll see a new interaction icon appear. Click the stamp icon to prepare an offer template to be sent to the candidate to sign.


If you’ve added multiple offer templates you’ll be able to preview them and choose a specific template to continue with.


Click View to preview the offer document or click on the template name to choose to proceed with a template.


Next, you’ll fill in the variables that you set up in your offer document: Key information like salary, start date and direct manager. The required fields in this form are items that are included in the offer document that will be sent to the candidate.


At the bottom of the form you’ll find any remaining fields that were not included in the offer document. These can be filled out if you’d like to have the information for internal reference. The candidate will not see these details.

Important: If you set an Offer Expiration Date, the candidate will no longer be able to sign the document after this day passes. You'll need to send another offer to the candidate if they need more time.

After you've entered all the details click Review Offer. You’ll see:


1) The email that will be sent to the candidate.

  • This can be edited by clicking the Edit email button.
  • The subject line of the email will be “An offer from [company] for [job]”


2) The offer document with the completed variables filled in.

  • Click Make changes at the bottom of the preview document to update any of the variables you inputted.

If you’re ready to send the offer to the candidate (or ready to send the details to the approval team), click Send offer to candidate.

An “Offer” section will be added to the candidate’s profile including:

  • The status of the offer, citing whether or not the candidate has accepted and signed
  • The offer details that you inputted
  • A link to download a PDF copy of the unsigned offer document


Unless there is an approval workflow in place, the candidate will be contacted immediately. With an approval workflow, the candidate will only be contacted after all approval groups have reviewed and confirmed the offer details.

If you made an error in the offer details you can click the stamp icon to send a new offer. Follow the same process above to fill in the forms with new information. When you send out the new offer, the original offer will immediately expire. The original details will still be included in the candidate’s profile. The new details will appear in the profile as a new ‘pending’ offer.

As part of this process, you may want to explain to the candidate that an error was made in the original offer.

When the candidate receives the email they can click on the included link to open the offer document in HelloSign. The transition is seamless - they won’t need to log in or follow special instructions.


The candidate will need to click on the document in HelloSign to provide their e-signature. After the candidate confirms their signature:

  • You’ll receive an email notification
  • Their profile in Workable will be updated to “Status: Offer accepted”
  • The offer document in Workable will be updated to include the candidate’s signature. It can be downloaded from the Files tab at the top of the candidate’s profile or from the offer details section.


The candidate can decline the offer by clicking the three dots in the upper left of HelloSign. They will be asked to provide a reason for declining. If the candidate chooses to do this:

  • You’ll receive an email notification
  • Their profile in Workable will be updated to “Status: Offer declined”
  • The candidate’s reason for declining will be added to their Timeline



Click the stamp icon to set up a new offer for the candidate if necessary.

If the candidate does not accept or decline the offer prior to the offer expiration date, the status of the offer will be updated to “expired”. After that, if the candidate clicks the link to view the offer document, they will be notified that the offer is expired. They will not be able to sign or accept the offer.