Integrating with Drafted


Drafted is a candidate referral system that will help you organize your professional networks and source candidates for jobs. Powered by machine learning, Drafted provides smart suggestions for candidates you’ll want to consider.

With this integration active your Drafted referrals will get sent right to the relevant job in your Workable account for review and follow up.

Setting up the integration

You must be a Super Admin in Workable to set up this integration.

In your Drafted account:

  • Click your company name in the upper right and select Integrations
  • Locate Workable in the list of integrations and click Connect
  • Authorize the connection by entering your Workable credentials

The setup will now be complete for your account! When you create a job in Workable it will appear in Drafted, ready for you to refer candidates.

If you have multiple admins on your Drafted account they should connect their personal Workable details. All they’ll need to do is navigate to the Integrations section in Drafted and choose the option to connect.

By creating this connection Drafted will be able to determine which users are responsible for which jobs.

Using the integration

Workable jobs with the Published status will automatically appear in Drafted.

You can check on your jobs under the Matches section in Drafted to ensure that they’ve been sent over.

When you refer a candidate in Drafted their details will be transferred to the Sourced stage of Workable for that job. You and your coworkers can refer candidates even if you are not on the hiring team for that job in Workable.

The following information will be imported to Workable:

  • Name
  • Headline
  • Email
  • Location

The candidate’s ‘source’ will be listed as “”.

A comment will be added to the candidate’s Timeline automatically. The comment contains:

  • The name of the referrer
  • Whether the candidate was passive (unaware that they were referred) or not
  • Comments from the referrer
  • A link to open the candidate in Drafted


The following tags will be added to the candidate for easy sorting in your candidate database.

  • #drafted
  • #referral
  • #passive_referral (if the candidate doesn’t know they were referred)
  • #active_referral (if the candidate knows they’ve been referred)