LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect overview [Annual]


LinkedIn’s Recruiter System Connect enables you to streamline your workflow between LinkedIn Recruiter and Workable.

With this integration enabled you’ll gain access to enhancements both in LinkedIn Recruiter and Workable. You must have a full LinkedIn Recruiter account and the Workable Annual plan to use this integration.

In LinkedIn Recruiter:

  • See candidate status and interview notes from Workable
  • Export candidates’ LinkedIn info directly to Workable

In Workable:

  • Sync Inmail and Notes to candidates’ profiles
  • Seamlessly view LinkedIn Recruiter profiles

Setting up Recruiter System Connect

The Recruiter System Connect setup is completed in two parts.

You must be an administrator in Workable to set up the integration.

1. Setup the connection in Workable

To begin, log in to Workable and click your profile icon in the upper right. Select Integrations from the menu.


In the Integrations section locate LinkedIn and click on it to update its settings. Then select Setup or view existing LinkedIn Integrations.

If you aren’t already signed into LinkedIn, you’ll be prompted to log in. Enter your LinkedIn credentials to continue. If you have a seat on multiple LinkedIn contracts, select which one you would like to connect.

Next, select Request under Recruiter System Connect.

The text will update to “Partner ready” after you click the button. (A “Notify partner” button may also appear which will allow you to send the integration request again.)

When you click Request a new menu will appear with an option to Manage Integration. Clicking Manage Integration will take you to the exact place in Recruiter where you’ll need to go next. Alternatively, follow the steps below to access the ATS section in Recruiter.

2. Confirm the connection in LinkedIn Recruiter

Now it’s time to log in to LinkedIn Recruiter and finalize the connection.

When you’re logged into Recruiter, click More on the toolbar at the top of the screen. Then select Admin Settings and navigate to the ATS tab.

Switches for Company-level and Contract-level access will appear here. Enable one or both options as needed (you can click on the Learn More link for more information on what each access option mean.) You’ll see “Activated” appear just above the switches.


Additionally, the status in the Integrations section in Workable will be updated. If Contract Level is activated the status will show "Enabled", otherwise if only Company Level access is activated the status stays as “Partner Ready” but states that Company Level access has been enabled.


Using Recruiter System Connect

You can take advantage of this integration from inside of both LinkedIn Recruiter and Workable.

RSC Features in Recruiter

1. View the status of past applicants or candidates who are already in Workable

When searching for candidates in Recruiter, you’ll see a checkmark next to the words “In Workable” or “In ATS” if they are already in Workable.

Hover on or click on that link to pull up more information. You’ll be able to see the stage the candidate was in and their most recent evaluation and comment.

Additionally, a spotlight (pre-defined search) called Past Applicants will appear in the top pane with other spotlights. The candidates in this spotlight have applied before and are already in Workable.


 2. Easily export candidates to Workable

When viewing a potential candidate in Recruiter, you’ll see an option on their profile to export them to Workable.


Search for the job to which you’d like to add the candidate. Click Export to automatically add the candidate to Workable in the job’s Sourced stage. A job must have the Published status in Workable and you must be a member of its hiring team to perform the export.

In Workable, the candidate’s profile will appear with their name and headline. To add contact information or other profile details, click the three dots at the top of the candidate’s profile and choose Edit candidate.


It is possible to export candidates to Workable directly from the search view search:


You also have the option to export the candidate to Workable from your talent pipeline in Recruiter.

RSC Features in Workable

1. Sync InMail and notes to Workable

When you’ve got a candidate in Workable who you’ve communicated with on LinkedIn, you can import InMails and Notes to their Workable profile.

To do this, navigate to the bottom of the candidate’s Timeline in Workable. Click the link to 'Import communication from LinkedIn'.


  • InMails between you and the candidate will be imported to the Timeline. They will be visible to all members of the hiring team.
  • Notes will be imported to the Timeline as Workable comments. They will be visible to all members of the hiring team.

2. View Recruiter profiles from Workable

When you’re viewing a candidate’s profile in Workable, you’ll see a LinkedIn Recruiter section. This section contains a link to open the candidate’s Recruiter details.


When you click the link an overlay will appear in Workable. From the overlay you can send InMail, review the candidate's info or even open their profile in Recruiter.


Members of your Workable account who do not have access to Recruiter will also be able to click this link, however, they’ll be directed to the candidate’s public LinkedIn profile.