BountyJobs overview


Traditionally only available to large enterprise organizations, BountyJobs is the largest third-party recruitment marketplace in the world.

Through this integration, you’re able to pay a flat fee to post a job in the marketplace. Recruiters will review it, indicating their interest in working with your company to source candidates. You’ll choose your preferred recruiters and they’ll deliver viable candidates that you can move directly into your Workable hiring pipeline.

When you’ve found the right match, the successful recruiter is paid the pre-agreed recruitment fee, which is a percentage of the candidate’s salary.

Setting up a BountyJobs post

To broadcast a job on the BountyJobs Marketplace, click on the Find Candidates button on the jobs dashboard next to the job of your choice. Select Recruiter Marketplace to reveal the pricing and start setting up the details of the job. 

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Review and complete any missing information about the job in the form that appears. These are the targeting details for the job on the BountyJobs Marketplace. They will help recruiters understand your requirements for the job.

You can also choose whether or not the position can be advertised outside of BountyJobs by a recruiter. Selecting "Yes" will mean that recruiters are free to share the job publicly (e.g. on LinkedIn).


At this time you'll also set the recruitment fee. This is a fee that must be paid to the recruiter only if you hire one of their candidates. A higher fee will be more enticing to recruiters and could help you connect with more agencies/candidates.

Proceed through the checkout to finalize the post. Your job will be posted on the BountyJobs Marketplace to attract recruiters.

Changing targeting details

If you need to make a change to the original targeting details of your BountyJobs post, access the job editor by clicking on the job's title from the main dashboard in Workable.

Navigate to the Find Candidates tab and then Recruiter Marketplace.


Click the settings cog on the BountyJobs panel. Change any details necessary in the form that appears and click the button to update.


Selecting recruiters and candidates

Once you've set up the post the next part of the sourcing process happens in BountyJobs. Recruiters will review the details of the position over the next few days. After 3 days you'll receive a notification in Workable and an email letting you know that it's time to select recruiters.

You'll need to access your BountyJobs dashboard to review and select recruiters. There are several ways to do this:  

  • You'll get notifications within Workable about new recruiters and candidates. Click your Inbox at the top of Workable. A daily summary will be delivered to you. Click any of the links to access your BountyJobs dashboard.


  • Edit the job in Workable, navigate to the Find Candidates tab and then Recruiter Marketplace. You'll see basic info about recruiters and candidates. You can access the dashboard from the link on this page.
  • Click the link in the email you received from BountyJobs to access your BountyJobs account.

From the BountyJobs dashboard, click on Recruiters to manage and select recruiters. You can agree to work with as many (or as few) recruiters as you'd like. In BountyJobs, schedule an "intake session" to meet with the recruiters and let them know a little bit more about the type of candidate you want to hire.

The recruiters you've selected will send candidates' resumes to you for review. You can review these resumes from the Candidates section of the BountyJobs dashboard.

In the Candidates section of BountyJobs click on a candidate's name to view their resume.

At the bottom of the resume, you'll find an option to add the candidate to Workable. Click the button to add the candidate to the Sourced stage for the job in your Workable account.

From here, proceed through the hiring process as you normally would.

If you hire a candidate from BountyJobs, you'll need to submit billing details to BountyJobs before the candidate can be moved to the Hired stage (see the 'Hiring a candidate' section below).

Interacting with recruiters via Workable

Once a candidate has been added to Workable, the BountyJobs recruiter will be listed as the candidate's source. The recruiter will not have access to the candidate's profile in Workable. Candidate evaluations, emails and other actions will only be seen by you and your team.

However, you can use Workable comments to communicate with the BountyJobs recruiter. Click the speech bubble icon to leave a comment and type "@" followed by the recruiter's name. When the recruiter is included in an @ mention, they'll receive a message in BountyJobs with your comment.

If a recruiter sends you a message from BountyJobs about a candidate, that message will be added to the candidate's profile in Workable as a comment.


Hiring a candidate from BountyJobs

If you choose to hire a candidate from a BountyJobs recruiter you must pay the agreed recruitment fee to BountyJobs.

You will be prompted inside Workable to add your billing details when you move the candidate to the Hired stage of your pipeline.

These details will be shared with BountyJobs to create an invoice.


Submit the form and the candidate will be successfully moved to the Hired stage.