Integrating with JamieAi


JamieAi is disrupting recruitment as we know it. Leveraging technology and human expertise, JamieAi matches data professionals with hiring employers. The result is a time and cost-efficient platform for employers and a hassle-free process for users. By connecting your JamieAi account to Workable, you speed up the sourcing process.

When your JamieAi account is integrated with Workable, jobs published in Workable are visible in your JamieAi account. If you choose to promote the job on JamieAi, it will take details and keywords from your Workable post to connect you with the right talent.

When the right matches are found, you’ll receive candidates directly into the sourced stage of your Workable hiring pipeline.

Setting up the integration 

You must be a Super Admin to enable integrations.

In your JamieAi account:

  • Navigate to the Settings section and click on Integations
  • Find Workable and click on the Connect button
  • In the window that pops up, log in your Workable account and click Allow access

That's it! Now, when a job is posted in Workable, it will also be available in your JamieAi account.

Linking jobs to JamieAi

When the integration is complete, go to your JamieAi dashboard. A list of jobs from your Workable account will appear there. This list will update automatically as you add new jobs in Workable.


To receive candidate matches for a job, locate the job on the list in JamieAi and click 'Link to JamieAi'. Complete the payment process on JamieAi to finalize the posting.

Candidates who are found through JamieAi will be added straight into the Sourced stage for the job in Workable. For your records, the source for these candidates will be listed as 'JamieAi'.