Managing a Starter plan


Starter plans are billed annually. Depending on your plan you’ll be able to have 5, 10 or 20 active jobs on your account.

Active jobs are any jobs with the Published, Used Internally or Used Confidentially status: The jobs that show up on the main dashboard when you log in.


Draft jobs and Archived jobs are not counted as active. When you’ve finished recruiting for a job it’s a good idea to archive it. This will free up a space on your account as you continue recruiting. If you’ve got the maximum number of active jobs on your account, Workable will notify you, asking you to archive a job.

Archived jobs are still stored on your account at the bottom of the job dashboard. The candidates are accessible but will be in 'read only' mode, meaning that you can't interact with their profiles to send emails or leave comments. You can move archived candidates into active jobs or fully unarchive the job.

Unarchiving jobs will add them back into your active list. All the candidates will be there and you can start interacting with them again.

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