Integrating your YBorder account [Pro]


YBorder is a sourcing platform that connects you to top engineering talent. When you're recruiting for technical roles, YBorder put you in touch with candidates who have the right qualifications. Connect your YBorder account to Workable to have candidates automatically added to Workable when you post a job.

Setting up the integration

You must be a Super Admin in Workable to set up this integration.

1. Generate an API key (access token) in Workable

While logged into Workable, click on your profile icon in the upper right and navigate to the Integrations section of your account.

At the bottom of the Integrations section you’ll find a button to generate an access token, or, if you have already generated a token, you will find a string of random letters and numbers. This is the token needed to connect with YBorder.


Copy the string of numbers and letters.

2. Enter your API key (access token) into your YBorder account

Log in to YBorder and access the dropdown in the upper right. Select the ATS section from this menu.

Locate the field for Workable and paste your access token there. Click ‘Add’.

The connection is now complete! You can start hiring through Workable with a connection to your YBorder account.

Using the integration

After completing the setup, all you'll need to do is publish a job through Workable. When you create and publish a tech job an alert is automatically created on YBorder.

When a candidate matches to the job, they are automatically added to the Sourced stage for that job in Workable. A candidate profile containing their resume and YBorder qualification will be generated for you to review.

If you're interested in the candidate, send them an email to let them know!