Purchasing and managing a Pay As You Go plan


Purchasing Pay As You Go

When your trial ends you’ll have the option to start our monthly Pay As You Go plan.

If you've added jobs to your account, click your profile icon in the upper right of Workable and select Subscription (you must be a Super Admin to do this).

You'll see a Pay As You Go checkout option detailing the jobs you'll be purchasing. If there are jobs you don't wish to purchase, click Manage Jobs in the panel above and then archive the jobs which you won't be using. When you're done, add the jobs to your Pay As You Go cart and complete the checkout process. 


As you add more jobs in Workable, they will be added to the cost of your subscription. Jobs must be archived to remove them from the billing cycle.

Managing a Pay As You Go plan

The Pay As You Go plan is billed monthly and based on the number of active jobs on your account.

Active jobs are any jobs with the Published, Used Internally or Used Confidentially status.


When you create a new job you'll set its status. At this point, the job will be added to the billing cycle. There will be a prorated charge based on the time the job is active until the next billing date. At the start of the next month all active jobs will cost $99 each.

To remove a job from the billing cycle, you must set the status to Archived.

Archived jobs are still stored on your account at the bottom of the job dashboard. The candidates are accessible, but will be in 'read only' mode, meaning that you can't interact with their profiles to send emails or leave comments. You can move archived candidates into active jobs.

We are not able to provide refunds for jobs that archived between billing cycles.

Unarchiving jobs will add them back into the billing cycle as if they were a new job.

If your hiring spree ends you can downgrade to the free plan.

To start back up with a Pay As You Go plan, simply create another job on the account.