What permissions does Workable have when connected to Office 365 Outlook?


When setting up the Microsoft Office 365 integration, Workable will request full permission to access Outlook Calendar and Mail. It will request this permission once. It is not possible to ask for permission separately for each integration; the permission given covers both services.

Outlook access:

Workable only monitors mailboxes connected to a Workable account to enable email syncing.

Workable will only access Outlook Mail in the following circumstances:

  • When a user of your Workable account imports past communication with a candidate from their Outlook account, Workable will access the individual’s mailbox
  • When a user of your Workable account emails a candidate from Workable, the email will be copied to the individual’s Outlook Mail.

Workable will not access Outlook Mail in any other circumstance, and it will not keep or scan Outlook Mail from unconnected accounts.

Outlook messages to and from individuals remain in Workable for as long as the individual’s account remains active.

Individual users are able to delete their own Outlook messages inside Workable. To do this, hover over the message in Workable and click the trash can icon that appears in the upper right.

Alternate configuration

An alternate configuration is available for the Outlook integration. Instead of approving access for the whole Outlook account, you'll create a list of specific individuals at your company whose email and calendar will sync with Workable. For those individuals the features and level of access permissions is the same.