How does Workable handle duplicate and/or multiple applications?


Workable generally filters duplicate candidates by email on a job basis and not generally for the entire account. 

Duplicate applications for the same job

When a candidate applies to a job, a candidate profile is created in your account for that job. This profile is based on the email address used for the application. Candidates might apply more than once for the same role using the same email address.

There are several scenarios that can occur depending on the candidate's status:

  • If the candidate applied and hasn't been engaged (e.g. they're still in the Applied stage, waiting to be reviewed) then their application details will be updated. They'll be notified that they already applied.
  • If the candidate applied and has been engaged (e.g. moved forward in your hiring pipeline) then their application details will not be updated if they reapply.
  • If a candidate has been uploaded to the Sourced stage and then they apply, they will be moved to the Applied stage and their details will be updated. 
  • If a candidate was uploaded, but is no longer in the Sourced stage and then they apply, then they will stay in their current stage and their details will be updated.


Multiple applications for different jobs

Candidates may apply for multiple jobs at your company or be sourced for different jobs over time. For each job that a candidate is in consideration for, a candidate profile will be created based on the candidate's email address.

If a candidate applies for Job A and Job B, they will have two profiles in your account - one for each job. Any interaction with the candidate will be unique on each profile. For example, when you leave an evaluation for a candidate in Job A, nothing will update in Job B.

Instead, candidate profiles will be linked at the bottom of the Timeline, provided that the candidate has used the same email address for all applications.


See which jobs a candidate is also in consideration for and jump straight to those profiles by clicking the job title.