Get new candidate notifications in HipChat via Zapier


Hipchat is a web-based application for group and private chat. If you’re a Hipchat user you can set up new candidate notifications to arrive in a Hipchat room. This is done via Workable’s integration with Zapier

Zapier has a free account for basic use. For heavy use, there are tiered pricing options.

Before anything, decide which ‘room’ should receive the notifications in HipChat. In this example, we’ve created a separate room called ‘Hiring’ specifically for this purpose.


To get started, sign in to Zapier and make a new Zap.

1. Set the trigger

We need to tell Zapier that when a new candidate is received in Workable (the trigger), then a HipChat message should be sent (the action).

Choose Workable as the trigger app, and then ‘New candidate’.

Connect your Workable account.

Choose your Workable account, the job (leave blank if you want all applicants to receive this email) and set the stage to Applied.

2. Set the action

For the next step in Zapier, set the action by selecting HipChat and then ‘Send Message'.

Connect the HipChat account you’d like to use.

Setup the email template you want to use and send out a test message. Try using fields like "Position title", "Full name" and so on in your template.

3. Activate the Zap

Review the trigger and action steps and turn your Zap on. Candidates who apply will now automatically cause your HipChat channel to update!