Adding an assessment test to a stage [Pro]


If you already have an account with an external assessment test provider, you should first set up its integration with Workable. Find out how to set up the integration for:

To add an assessment test for a job, either create or edit a job, and move to the Assessments tab:


Assessment tests are attached to specific stages in the recruiting pipeline. The available stages to choose from are ‘assessment’ types, for example Phone Screen, Assessment and Interview. After clicking the Assessments tab, select the appropriate stage from the dropdown menu:


On the screen that follows, select Assessment Test. Next you’ll see a list of all the tests available from your chosen assessment test provider. Select the most appropriate test for this stage and save your changes.

That’s it, the assessment test has been set up for this stage! You will now be able to send the assessment to candidates in the stage.

To add another test for a different stage, click ‘add another evaluation method’ on the left hand side. Again you’ll be asked to choose from Assessment Test, and after making your choice, you’ll be asked to select and save a test. Continue until you have applied all the tests you need for each stage.

You can also add a video interview or interview scorecard to different stages.

To edit or delete a test from a stage, first locate the name of the test in the list on the left. Next, click the small pencil icon next to the assessment name. This will load the selected test in the main window. Click the pencil icon on the right of the window to edit the test, or the small dustbin to delete it.

Learn how to send an assessment to a candidate here.