Get new candidate notifications in Slack via Zapier


If you’re a Slack user, you can set up new candidate notifications to arrive in by direct message or into the Slack channel of your choice. This is done via Workable’s integration with Zapier.

Zapier has a free account for basic use. For heavy use, there are tiered pricing options.

In this example, we’re setting up a Slack channel called #hiringzap, for the sole purpose of receiving notifications.

To add a Slack channel, hover over Channels and click to + symbol to add a new public channel.


We’ll name ours “hiringzap”.


You don’t have to set up a new channel, notifications can go to any channel—or you could set them up to arrive as a direct message. Decide what would work best for you.

Once you've decided on a channel, sign in to Zapier and make a new Zap.

1. Set up a ‘trigger’

In your Zapier account select ‘Make a Zap!’ at the top of the page.


You’ll start out by connecting to the Workable app. Type “Workable” into the Zapier search and click it. Workable will be the ‘trigger’ app, meaning that when something happens in Workable a trigger is pulled to do something in another app (in this case Slack).


Select the ‘New Candidate’ trigger that appears and click ‘Continue’.


Click ‘Connect an Account’ to connect Workable to Zapier. A pop-up window will appear asking for confirmation. Confirm the connection in the pop-up window, then click ‘Save + Continue’ in Zapier.

2. Choose your Workable account


Account: Select your Workable account from the first drop-down menu.

Most people will only see one account here, but if you’re recruiting for multiple companies using Workable, select the most relevant account for this integration. In the example above, the user is recruiting for a company called Big Elephant, so that has been selected.

Job: In this example, we want new candidates for every position to create a message in our Slack #hiring channel—so we’ve left this blank. If you’d like to receive notifications for different roles in different channels you can set up multiple Zaps and use this filter to specify a different channel for each position.

Stage: Leave this blank if you want updates for all new candidates (including ones you upload), or select ‘Applied’ if you only want alerts for people who apply normally.

Click ‘Continue’ and Zapier will run a test to ensure that everything has been set up correctly. You’ll need at least one candidate in the ‘Sourced’ or ‘Applied’ stage of your Workable account. Click ‘Fetch & Continue’ to test it.

When the test completes, click ‘Continue’.

3. Setup the Slack connection

Continuing in the process, search for the Slack app in Zapier, just like you did to find the Workable app in the previous step.

On the next page, choose the action that should occur in Slack when a new candidate applies. We’ll pick ‘Send Channel Message’.


If you haven’t connected Slack to Workable, you’ll be prompted to connect your Slack account here. Click on ‘Connect Account’ and you’ll see another pop-up window appear. Authorize Zapier to access Slack in this window.

4. Set the Slack channel and message


Channel: At the beginning of this article we created a new #hiringzap channel in Slack to receive notifications, so we’ve entered ‘#hiringzap’ here.

Message Text: This is where you build the message that will be sent to Slack. From the ‘list/+’ button to the right of the ‘Message Text’ field you can choose to add things like the candidate’s name, their headline, which role they applied for etc. In our example, we’ve kept the message simple; we’ll see the positions candidates have applied for, their name, headline, and a link to their profile in Workable.

You’ll notice that Zapier offers you a lot more options than the two outlined above. The additional fields do not need to be customized, though you can update them as needed. Click ‘Continue’ when you’re done.

5. Test your Zap and activate

Make sure you’ve set everything up correctly with a quick test. Just click on ‘Test Workable Trigger’.

If you have candidates in your Workable account already you’ll be able to ‘Test Zap with this sample’ and, hey presto, you should see a new message in Slack. If you haven’t got any candidates in your Workable account yet you can always apply for a job yourself when you turn the Zap on to check it’s all working as it should. You may want to delete your candidate profile afterward.

Choose a name for your Zap and set it to “On”. You’ll now get updates in Slack whenever new candidates apply!


Here’s an example of the message we’ve created and received (you can make it way fancier by adding extra detail during the setup of the Slack channel).