Integrating your BambooHR account [Pro]


Connect your Workable and BambooHR accounts to seamlessly export candidate information to your BambooHR account. When you hire a candidate, their details are transferred to BambooHR as a new employee. Additionally, as of April 2018, BambooHR has updated their platform to comply with GDPR regulations.

Imported information:

  • Photo or avatar (depending on your account settings)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Personal Email address
  • Personal phone number
  • Gender (EEO enabled accounts only)
  • Ethnicity (EEO enabled accounts only)
  • Candidate resume

Setting up the integration

To start, login to Workable and click your profile icon in the upper right. Select Integrations (you must be a Super Admin to do this).

Under HR Information Systems click on BambooHR.

Enter the subdomain for your BambooHR account. The subdomain is the first part of the URL you use when you access your BambooHR account. For example, if you access BambooHR via the following address: , your subdomain would be my_company.

Click Connect Workable with BambooHR and the integration will be complete.

Exporting candidates to BambooHR


In the Integrations section of your account, under BambooHR, there is an option to enable auto-export for hired candidates.

When this switch is set to ON, any candidate who is moved to a Hired stage in your pipeline will automatically have their details sent to BambooHR.

When the switch is set to OFF, you'll need to manually export candidates in Hired stage.

Manual export

When the auto-export switch is to OFF, a button will appear in the toolbar for candidates in the Hired stage. Click this button to send the candidate's details to BambooHR.