Integrating your Monster account


You must be a Super Admin in Workable to enable integrations.

To get started, sign in to Workable and click your profile icon in the upper right. Navigate to Integrations

On the page that follows click on Monster and take these four simple steps:

  1. Get your Monster XML Username from your Monster account and copy it into the ‘Monster XML Username’ field in the Workable Integrations page
  2. Add your Monster account password, to verify your account
  3. Select your ‘Inventory type’. This must be the same as the duration of the ad purchased from Monster
  4. Select whether you’d like your details to be shared on your Monster ad. Your details (name, email address, position in company) are kept private by default, but if you prefer to share them, click ‘On’ next to the ‘Show poster details on Monster?’ option.


Click Update Settings to complete the integration.

Note: Posting jobs from Workable will take up your available job slots on Monster, so make sure you have a slot available for each job you want to post.

Posting a job to Monster from Workable

Once your Monster and Workable accounts are integrated, you can post jobs to Monster using your job posting credits, directly from Workable. At the Find Candidates step for each job, select Premium Job Boards, locate Monster and choose ‘Use your Monster recruiter account’. Alternatively, you can choose to buy a posting direct from Workable. Just click to add it to your cart and continue through the checkout process.

Once published, you can edit your job’s details by selecting the cog in the Monster tab on the Find Candidates page.