Integrating your CareerBuilder account


You must be a Super Admin in Workable to enable integrations.

Connect your accounts and use your prepaid CareerBuilder job credits to post jobs directly via Workable. Only one Workable user needs to perform this process one time to enable the integration for all users.

To get started, start by signing in to Workable:

  • Click your profile icon in the upper right of Workable to access the Integrations section of your account
  • Locate CareerBuilder in the list of Job board integrations and click on it:Screen_Shot_2019-07-31_at_14.14.31.png
  • To get your CareerBuilder Vendor ID you will need to contact your CareerBuilder account representative.
  • Once you receive it, copy it into the ‘CareerBuilder Vendor ID’ field in the Workable Integrations page

If CareerBuilder has provided you with a Company Profile Name, you can also display a company logo. Copy the Company Profile Name into the ‘Company Profile Name’ field. Otherwise, this field can be left blank.

  • Click Update Settings to complete the integration.

That's it! Your accounts will now be connected.

Posting your jobs to CareerBuilder from Workable

 Once your CareerBuilder and Workable accounts are integrated, you can post jobs to CareerBuilder using your job posting credits, directly from Workable. At the Find Candidate step for each job, select Premium Job Boards, locate CareerBuilder and choose "Use recruiter account" on it to confirm that you want to use a job slot for that job. 

Alternatively, you can choose to buy a posting directly from Workable. Just click to add it to your cart and continue through the checkout process.

Once published, you can edit your job’s details such as the job type, required education and experience by clicking the cogwheel button on the card and add further details or edit the available information to target your job more effectively for this board: