Integrating your LinkedIn Recruiter account [Pro]


This integration is available with a Workable Pro or Enterprise plan, however, you can still post to LinkedIn through Workable without setting up this integration and without a LinkedIn Recruiter account.

Workable can integrate directly with your LinkedIn Recruiter account. This creates a seamless workflow between the two platforms. After setting up the integration you’ll be able to:

  • Post jobs via LinkedIn Recruiter directly from Workable
  • Connect those jobs to your company page on LinkedIn

You will also be able to activate LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect, enabling you to view candidates' LinkedIn profiles and InMails exchanged with the candidate in Workable.

Note: This integration is not applicable for Recruiter Lite accounts.

To integrate your accounts, start by copying your LinkedIn Contract ID from your Recruiter account. 

Log into Recruiter, select More from the menu across the top of the page and then select Admin Settings


On the Admin Settings screen, to the left of the grey panel across the top section of the page you’ll see your company’s name, and your ID number.

Copy the ID number to your clipboard or make a note of it.

Log in to Workable and navigate to the Integrations section by clicking your profile icon in the upper right.

In the Integrations section, select ‘LinkedIn’ from the list of job board integrations.

If you’ve never connected your personal LinkedIn account to Workable you’ll be prompted to “Connect My LinkedIn Account”. Do that next – otherwise you’ll see your company name already listed. Just enter the LinkedIn Contract ID that you and click Update Settings.


Once done, the LinkedIn Recruiter integration will be complete. In the Find Candidates tab of the job editor, under the Premium Job Board options, you'll be able to post using your Recruiter account.

You can also turn on Poster Details from this section. This will include your name, job title and location next to the job ad on LinkedIn. By default, poster details are not published with job ads. If you switch on this option, you’ll need to provide an email address and job title.

After making any changes to this section, make sure you save changes before you leave the page.