How to add a job tab to your Facebook page


Add a free Jobs Tab to your Facebook company page, and advertise your roles to your most engaged audience. Workable automatically updates the tab every time you create a new position—saving you time and getting the word out faster.


The Facebook Jobs Tab will appear in the navigation on your company Facebook page. Clicking it will reveal your list of open positions—and when a candidate applies, their information will be added straight to the ‘applied’ stage for the role in your Workable account, ready for review.

Note: Custom Facebook tabs - like the Jobs tab - can only be enabled if your company page has accrued at least 2,000 likes.

You may also want to enable job posts with Facebook Free Listings, which can be done regardless of page likes.

Setting it up is easy

First, you’ll need to be the admin of your company Facebook page to connect it to Workable.

When you’ve logged in to Workable, visit your Integrations page by clicking your user icon at the top right of your dashboard.

Within the Embed Jobs section, click on the Facebook page option to expand that section, and connect to your Facebook account.


Complete the steps that appear, signing in to your Facebook account and selecting the page that you'd like to link with Workable.

Once you’ve connected, you’ll be taken back to the Workable Integrations section. Confirm the selection of your page in the dropdown menu and click Add Careers Tab.


Choose to group job openings by department or location, and decide whether to display the full job description or just the title. You can also see a live preview as you make your choices.