Visualize your Workable data with Tableau [Annual]


If you’re accessing your Workable data via Amazon Redshift and you’re a Tableau user, we’ve created a dashboard for you.

There are 3 steps to follow to connect to Tableau:

  1. Download Workable.twb
  2. Open the Workable.twb file
  3. Edit the connection settings and submit the credentials we’ve set for you to access your data in Redshift


Understanding your recruiting data

You’ll see your data concerning jobs and candidates appearing in the dashboard through six different perspectives:


More specifically these are:

  • the total number of jobs, candidates and hires (top right)
  • a pie chart with the percentage of jobs per department
  • a map with the number of candidates per country
  • a funnel view showing the number of candidates that have been screened, contacted, interviewed, made an offer and hired (bottom left)
  • a view of jobs by date of creation and a view of candidates by date that the candidates were created and screened (top right)
  • a heat map showing the number of candidates that have been moved from any stage in the pipeline to another (bottom right)

Almost all of these views are connected, which means that you can select one or more elements in one or more graphs and the figures will be recalculated for the selected elements only. You can select one or more job departments or countries, you can select the jobs that were created over a certain period as well as the candidates that were created or screened over a certain period. You can also select data for one or more cells of the heatmap.

Add more charts to this dashboard or use the same credentials to add another connection to Redshift and create custom dashboards that you can share with your colleagues via Tableau online. We’d love to hear about the dashboards you’ve created!